Learn more about Kind At Heart Ministries through our Mission, Vision, and Values, listed below.

Kind At Heart Ministries is an inter-denominational Christian organization, formed by Pastor Wayne Thomas, to bring people together from various backgrounds to help the elderly and disabled in our community. He was inspired by the words of Jesus, who said, “In as much as you help one of the least of these, my brethren, you are doing it unto Me.”

Kind At Heart Ministries, Inc. (KAHM) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in the border town of Siloam Springs, Arkansas. The ministry primarily serves a geographical area of 15 miles around Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

The organization was founded from a passion to see the aging brought to Jesus and experience peace with God.

The majority of those served are over 80, and are often faced with growing physical, financial and emotional needs while seeing their own strength diminish. The culture of our world values strength and beauty (physical ability, attractiveness, independence, wealth and a keen mind).  But society often turns away from the weak.

Kind At Heart Ministries feels called to motivate and enable others to serve alongside in helping the weak finish their physical race with inner strength, courage and dignity. At the same time, the organization encourages those they serve to enter eternity with a personal relationship with Jesus.

Our volunteers (and the supporters who enable them) invest their time and resources to express God’s love in tangible ways to those with physical needs. To help support this ministry, click this link: DONATE.


To express the love of Jesus to the aging and disabled by providing services that bring hope, encouragement and support in daily living.


Raising awareness and increasing involvement of our community, bringing honor, dignity and care to the aging.



  • Because of God’s love, we serve.  We believe those we serve are more able to clearly see and experience Jesus.
  • We are privileged to play a small part in God’s plan to meet people at their point of need, and make it easier for them to enter into a relationship, growing in the knowledge and love of Jesus.
  • Service is good for the soul and spirit of the one who serves.  When a person serves, they position themselves to better receive God’s grace.


Emotional and Spiritual Care:

  • We are called to care for the emotional and spiritual needs of those we serve.



  • We have been entrusted with other people’s money and confidence. It is our responsibility to use this money wisely to accomplish our mission.


Honor and respect:

  • We are committed to honor and respect the aging, preserving their dignity and independence.


Connecting Generations:

  • We seek ways to encourage younger people to value and honor the aging, and for the aging to bless the younger.
  • When generations connect, we believe God’s favor rests on all involved.


Awareness and involvement:

  • Our fast paced culture makes it easy to lose perspective. The urgent often obscures the important.
  • We seek to raise awareness and build bridges, enabling people to care for the weak and forgotten.